1. Energetics, industry

  • new constructions and reconstructions of cooling systems for cooling of technological waters,
  • Projektsystems for preparation of technological waters for their renewed use in industrial processes,
  • outline technological solutions.
2. Ecology, water
  • treatment of municipal waste waters (procedures: primary treatment, secondary treatment – conventional active sludge,Projekt
  • MBBR, SBR, MBR, tertiary cleaning, sludge dehydration, disinfection)
  • sludge stabilisation (anaerobic, aerobic, chemical), sludge thickening, co-fermentation, production of bio gas, cogeneration
  • systems and technologies for drinking water treatment (filtration with multimedia filters, membrane filtration, desalination, chlorination with gaseous and liquid chlorine, disinfection with ozone, UV disinfection)
  • treatment of industrial waste waters (chemical, physical-chemical and biological processes)
3. Assembly and maintenance
  • Assembly of cooling towers and all types of technological equipment,
  • Projektmechanical and electric installations implemented by our own team of experts (TIG welders, ASTM certificates…),
  • chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, boilers, cold cylinders of pipeline installations,
  • monitoring, preliminary running (water analysis incl. reports, laboratory testing…),
  • technical training,
  • service and maintenance of cooling towers and technological equipment.
4. Trade, spare parts


  • Spare parts for cooling systems: fillers, eliminators, blades, nozzles, fans, electrical motors,
  • chemicals for treatment of process waters (inhibitors, antiscalants, coagulants, flocculants, biocides …), chemicals for treating water at wastewater treatment plants, testing kits, tablet salt,
  • filters for drinking water, filter cartridges,
  • spare parts for smaller devices: softening devices, dosing stations, SIATA valves and controllers.

The company ESOT-INVEST d.o.o., which is located in Celje, Slovenia, continues the tradition of its primary business:

  • production of cooling systems,
  • treatment of different kinds of water.

When developing technological solutions, we work completely independently. We offer technical and technological turnkey projects, where all project phases are implemented by our own team of experts, including:

  • conceptual technological planning, designing and project engineering (projects for obtaining a building permit, preparation of detailed designs and projects of executed works),
  • delivery and installation of complete equipment, execution of all required installation works,
  • system start-up, staff training,
  • maintenance of installed devices and systems.

Our team consists of experts from different fields of expertise, among them there are masters and doctors of chemistry as well as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers and experienced managers and economists. Our results can only be achieved by a good and motivated team.

In all our projects we put emphasis on cooperation with end users/customers. Implementation of new technologies and quality are advantages of ESOT-INVEST d.o.o. in all fields of its expertise, including