We have a modern approach to designing constructions, we use state of the art 3D design, which enables us to make the required construction, which will have an optimized weight. This, for you, means that the final investment in the construction will be lower than if you were working with competitive bidders.

We are welding stainless and carbon steel materials in accordance with TIG procedures. Our welders are attested according to various welding processes.

We can also do all the necessary additional processing of constructions, such as surface treatment, sandblasting, varnishing, hot galvanizing and welding.

Of course, we also offer the delivery and assembly of all the constructions we make.

Our experienced team provides you with a comprehensive service where you won’t have to worry about the precision of production and keeping the deadlines. This way you will be able to stay calm and concentrate on your work while we take care of your project.

For additional contact please contact us at +386 3 42 56 350, or send us an Inquiry.